Final Project

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This is the final project folded booklet near completion. inside-copy



Final Project

November 20, 2008 - Leave a Response

The final project for our class is to choose a poem and design a folded booklet using the poem and images. The images created should interpret the content of the poem. This is the poem I have chosen:

A Fantasy

I’ll tell you something: every day
people are dying. And that’s just the beginning.
Every day, in funeral homes, new widows are born,
new orphans. They sit with their hands folded,
trying to decide about this new life.

Then they’re in the cemetery, some of them
for the first time. They’re frightened of crying,
sometimes of not crying. Someone leans over,
tells them what to do next, which might mean
saying a few words, sometimes
throwing dirt in the open grave.

And after that, everyone goes back to the house,
which is suddenly full of visitors.
The widow sits on the couch, very stately,
so people line up to approach her,
sometimes take her hand, sometimes embrace her.
She finds something to say to everbody,
thanks them, thanks them for coming.

In her heart, she wants them to go away.
She wants to be back in the cemetery,
back in the sickroom, the hospital. She knows
it isn’t possible. But it’s her only hope,
the wish to move backward. And just a little,
not so far as the marriage, the first kiss.

Louise Gluck

Postage Stamp Images

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Shirley Temple ImageShirley Temple Image 2Tap ShoesDrinkLollipop

Postage Stamp

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Currently I am working on my fourth project in illustrator. The project entails choosing a historical figure/event/time then creating four postage stamps. I chose Shirley Temple as my historical person and tried incorporating things in the image she is noted for that individuals are familiar with.

Serif and San Serif Fonts

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The three serif fonts I chose starting at the top were: Bookman Old Style, Georgia, and Lucida Bright. The x-height in the Bookman Old Style and Georgia fonts are similiar in size to one another and slightly over half the size of the capital letters. The Lucida Bright x-height is almost as large as the capital letters. The letter width on the first two fonts are similiar, but the third font width is slightly wider. The ascender on the lower case letters reaches the baseline of the cap height but the descender on each of the fonts goes below the bottom baseline. The serifs of these fonts are all similiar but the first two fonts appear darker making their serifs more pronounced.

The next three fonts I chose were san serif and are called: Verdana, Century Gothic, and Lucida Sans. The x-height on each of these fonts is slightly over half of the height of the capital letter. The letter width is similiar in both Verdana and Lucida Sans but the Century Gothic font is wider set and more round. The ascender on the lower case letters reaches the top of the baseline of the cap height for each of the fonts. The descender however hits below the baseline for each of the lower case letters. comparing these fonts Verdana and Lucida Sans also appear darker so the words seem thicker.

Portfolio Project 2

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These are the 10 everyday objects I’ll be using for the next project.


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This is the photo I’m using for my Silhouette.